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Maria Fernanda Izaguirre
Creative Consulting Firm


Bits, zeros, and ones.

My journey through digital media spans over two decades, beginning in Caracas, Venezuela, during the rise of personal computers and the Internet. My curiosity for technology led me to write my first lines of code at eight, igniting a passion for technology, science fiction, design, and philosophy that has driven me to delve into diverse, multifaceted projects.

After graduating from PROdiseño School of Visual Communication in 2002, I specialized in web and multimedia design and became an instructor for visual language and digital media for over a decade. In 2003, I founded my first design studio, focusing on multimedia and web design. Throughout my career, I have been working with  startups, established companies, and the advertising industry, actively engaging in commercial projects encompassing cross-media product design. As my passion for exploring new frontiers continues, I am pursuing a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality design certificate at MIT.

Beyond my commercial work, I have been exploring cybernetics and the concept of the artificial mind since the early 2000s. I moved to New York City in 2016 to study new technologies and nurture my artistic expression. In 2017 I created a series of Sensitive Machines, drawing inspiration from Prof. Marvin Minsky's ideas on creating emotional machines. My work has been exhibited in galleries across New York, gaining recognition from public organizations, critics, and curators.


I continue to reflect on new perspectives in the intersection of technology and art, collaborating with New York University Professor Francesca Ferrando in the Global Posthuman Network and participating in research on Posthuman Art, serving as the Director of Digital Content for the Global Posthuman Network and as a Latin American Posthuman Network Board Member.


My dedication to integrating philosophy, technology, and artistic expression has profoundly impacted my commercial and artistic work as I continue envisioning limitless possibilities for the future.

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