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New Observations— Contemporary Art and Culture Journal

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

In 2020, I collaborated as Art Director with editor Mia Feroleto in publishing New Observation's issues 135 dedicated to Pine Ridge Reservation and issue 136 dedicated to the Consciousness and Contact, The Awakening.

Art, Consciousness, Expansion, and Activism

New Observations is an independent, non-profit contemporary arts and culture journal that is written edited and published by the arts community in an expanded process, as a work of collaborative art. The journal was founded in the early 1980s by Lucio Pozzi, covering New York’s provocative art scenes at the time, expanding its horizons nation wide and internationally.

Dedicated to bringing artists' voices to the public forum through an innovative guest edited magazine published from 1981-2001, publication resumed in 2013 with issue 129 and in 2014 with issue 130. With issue 131 in 2018 an additional focus on activism and current issues impacting the world stage became a focus. Individuals speak for themselves from the inside out on in-depth thematic topics in each issue. New Observations has featured artists working inside of visual art, poetry, essays, fiction and project based works and is a resource for the community at large, including the general public.

Highlighted Services

  • Art Direction issue 135, The Pine Ridge Reservation: Prisoner of War Camp #344.

  • Art Direction issue 136, Consciousness and Contact –The Awakening.


Issue 135 is dedicated to the Pine Ridge Reservation, through the voices of Chase Iron Eyes, Robert N. Felix, and Cindy Catches, among other authors. The issue showcases Leonard Peltier's paintings. Joanna Malinowska wrote in her article Writing about Leonard Peltier in the Time of Plague, "My thoughts go to Leonard Peltier and the idea of donating my catalog pages [in the 2012 Whitney Museum Biennial] to him. What if he could use them as an independent platform to speak up, the thoughts unsaid then forgotten?" (p. 84)

Issue 136 highlights the fifth-generation direct descendant of Mahpiya Luta (Chief Red Cloud), Henry Red Cloud, who was named chief of the Oglala Sioux Tribe. It also includes the voices of Elana Freeland, Peter Champoux, Alan Steinfeld, among other authors, and showcases James Tunney paintings, who writes in his article A Mystic Vision of the Future: Common Cause, "We have common cause to unite with other spiritual beings without prejudice to develop spirit consciousness of the Great Mystery. Technological straitjacket of control is a real danger. Upload brains onto computers, linking everyone in hell. Beware. Victim means sacrifice. Don’t be a victim. Be strong. Believe in your spirit." (p. 32)

Visit New Observations website for more information.

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