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Johanna Goodman— Online Artist Portfolio

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

In 2019, the artist and analyst Johanna Goodman hired me to design her online portfolio. The website showcases her work, artist statement, biography, and blog.

Johanna Goodman, a Seattle-based artist, psychoanalyst, and anthropologist, channels her exploration of impermanence and liminality through a diverse range of artistic mediums. Drawing inspiration from the writer who writes to understand their own thoughts, Johanna harnesses the power of the creative process to delve into the depths of her own psyche, offering a unique insight into her inner world.

Responsive Professional Website

Conveying the art to broader audiences

Having an online portfolio is essential for artists looking to establish their presence, showcase their artistic vision, and connect with a wider audience. An online portfolio serves as a dynamic and accessible platform that allows artists to present their artwork in a visually compelling and interactive manner. It provides a centralized space to curate and organize their body of work, ensuring that potential clients, art enthusiasts, and gallery owners can easily access their portfolios. Furthermore, with the increasing reliance on digital platforms for art discovery, having an online portfolio ensures reaching a global audience, transcending geographical boundaries and time constraints. An online portfolio also allows artists to tell their artistic stories, providing a narrative context to their creations, inspirations, and creative process. It allows artists to showcase their unique style, technique, and artistic evolution over time, leaving a lasting impression on viewers. Additionally, an online portfolio provides a space for artists to receive feedback, engage in dialogue, and build a network of fellow artists, art professionals, and art lovers. It facilitates collaboration, exposure to new opportunities, and potential commissions or exhibition opportunities.

Overall, having an online portfolio is an indispensable tool for artists in today's digital age, empowering them to share their art, expand their reach, and build a successful and fulfilling artistic career.

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