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Artificium— Latin American Sci-Fi Anthology (Spanish Edition)

Updated: Mar 16

In Artificium— Latin American Science Fiction Anthology (Spanish Edition), twenty-one authors, in more than thirty stories, explore human complexities confronted with the assimilation of today's and tomorrow's technologies.

Hardcover Format with illustrations in full color.

A collaborative literary project

Artificium is a multidimensional artifact that travels through speculative, weird, and experimental Sci-Fi worlds. The stories compiled in this book were forged within the science fiction narrative workshops led by Venezuelan Author José Urriola.

The prologue, by Luis Miguel Isava, contextualizes the book's proposal in the current literary landscape. In his reflections, Isava inquires about what it means to be a human of our time and challenges us to imagine what is to come for the genre.

I collaborated on this project as the author of a triptych exploring hybrid consciousness and contributed to the overall project by offering a visual essay on the controversial human-machine creative convergence. Each story is accompanied by illustrations I made in hybridization with an A.I. model, an experiment that led me to deepen the questions about the role of language and language models in the quest for amplifying our cognitive condition.

I am truly honored to be part of the group of authors who came together to make this project possible. It has been an extraordinary journey to speculate on our humanity together. My deepest thanks to José Urriola for inviting me to design this fascinating book and to the brilliant group of authors for trusting me with their writings. Among the authors: Luis Miguel Isava (Germany), Gabriela Alcalá (USA), Olga Comenares (Canada), Alexandra De Castro (Netherlands), Javier Domínguez (Venezuela), Luis Fraga Lo Curto (Spain), John Gómez (Colombia), Lorena González (Mexico), Fanuel Hanán (Colombia), Luz Hernandez (Colombia), María F. Izaguirre (USA), Abelardo Márquez (Germany), Fernando Orduña (Mexico), Sara Pacheco (Peru), Eva Pérez (Dominican Republic), Eduardo Porcarelli (USA), Viviana Reverón (USA), Miguel Ríos (Mexico), Victoria Robert (Spain), Rui Santos (Panama), Nancy Urdaneta (Mexico) and José Urriola (Mexico).

The full-color hardcover version of the book and Ebook are available on-demand at your local online bookstore.

Here are some additional links where you can find Artificium:

United States: Barnes&Noble, Wallmart Latin America: Buscalibre (Recuerda seleccionar tu país)

Europe: (Spain and Europe), Bokus (Sweden)

Asia: International:, and your local Amazon store.

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The book is available in Hardcover and eBook formats on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Europe, and Asia.

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