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Maria Fernanda Izaguirre
Creative Consulting Firm

The Magus Films— Branding development for video content producers

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

In 2019, I worked with The Magus Films team in the development of their commercial branding.

Magic in the making

Powerful stories change the world. The Magus Films creates exciting stories that amplify their client's brand experience and inspire many audiences. They have been around as video content producers for more than 10 years, directing and producing digital and tv commercials, video content for social media, and award-winning short films. The Magus Films has served more than 50 clients in the United States and Latin America, who are a living testimony of how passionate and committed the team behind the scenes are to their craft. Their creativity has been awarded with the Creative Pencil Award in 2014, the Anda Awards in 2014, the Mofilm Festival Sao Paulo in 2014, the Anda Awards in 2015, among others distinctions.

Highlighted Services

  1. Design and development of commercial branding for their creative firm

  2. Design and development of their Website

  3. Design and production of stationary and collectibles

Brand Assets

Stationary & Business Cards (Click on the arrows to see more details)

Social Media Branding

Abbreviated Guidelines


Lovable items for guerrilla advertisement

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