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Maria Fernanda Izaguirre
Creative Consulting Firm

Simple 7 Lab— Transmedia platforms for the Advertisement industry

Updated: Aug 4

For more than 12 years, I served the Venezuelan advertisement industry with specialized services in digital media.

Advisory and Creative Services for Digital Media

Facebook was launched in 2004. Twitter appeared in 2006, and Instagram in 2010. Social networks were still considered a vast virgin territory for mass consumption brands in 2011, for whom the foray into the "new media" was a bet on trial and error.

I began working on digital media projects in 1998 and opened my first multimedia studio in 2003. Since then, I have been serving advertisement agencies and clients to develop their communication plans in various formats: websites, blogs, social media campaigns, email marketing, apps, etc. Digital media can be created, viewed, distributed, modified, listened to, and preserved on digital electronic devices. Information can be transmitted through a screen and, thanks to the Internet, be distributed anywhere in the world. Digital media platforms, such as YouTube, Vimeo, and Twitch, accounted for viewership rates of 27.9 billion hours in 2020. A contributing factor to its part in what is commonly referred to as the digital revolution can be attributed to the use of interconnectivity.

Back in 2009, the most visionary brands ventured to create blogs and mobile applications to belong to the virtual life of consumers. However, many of the strategies that were developed digitally were designed under the one-way communication paradigm, and those who best understood the medium saw in web developments the possibility of offering tangential services that added value to the consumer. In this way, they struggled to win their interest and be remembered at the time of the purchase decision.

Some of the consumers brands I managed between 2011 and 2015:

  • Mondelēz International (Trident Venezuela)

  • General Mills (Diablitos Underwood)

  • Cervecería Regional (Cerveza Zulia, Regional Pilsen, and Brahma Light)

  • Dewar's

  • Excelsior Gamma

  • Charcutería Tovar

Outsourced Advisory and Creative Services

From 2003 to 2015, I provided outsourcing and strategic advisory services for digital media to the traditional Venezuelan advertisement agency Oveja Negra. Over the years, we cultivated many clients and creative projects together.

In 2011, while remaining an outsourcing business partner, I joined Oveja Negra as their Chief Digital Officer (CDO) to develop the digital business branch. At the moment, Oveja Negra and AW Saatchi & Saatchi Venezuela were commercial partners. In 2014, Oveja Negra separated from AW Saatchi & Saatchi Venezuela to regain independence by offering 360 brand experiences, including ATL, BTL, and Digital Media strategic services for their clients.

From 2014 to 2015, I served as Chief Digital Officer of Oveja Negra, leading the digital media business unit and the project management of the brand platform arteZanos for Cerveza Zulia.

During my 12 years as a strategic partner of Oveja Negra, I created, developed, and managed new business models and commercial projects based on digital media for consumer brands, corporations, and entrepreneurs nationwide. While doing this work, I was dedicated to developing strategic and tactical social media plans that would allow our clients to achieve their business goals.

As a result, I began to generate transmedia projects that would enhance the creative synergy between our clients, their brands, the media, and their consumers. I saw the audience not as mere consumers but as partners and collaborators in completing the narrative that shaped the brand's worldbuilding efforts. Events and brand activations were aligned and connected to the storytelling I developed across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Along the way, multiple creative teams collaborated to develop the fragmented storytelling, allowing the audience to engage with the brand experience. The effect of such multimedia integration created an acoustic echo chamber and immersive brand experiences spread across ATL, BTL, and digital media campaigns.

In five years, I created a digital business unit for Oveja Negra, collaborated in the talent search, and designed the operational structure, the design of digital products and services, the strategic design of brand platforms, the acquisition of tools and development of digital marketing plans, and project management, among other advisory services.

Services provided

  • Digital Business advisory services

  • Creative advisory services

  • Curatorial services

  • Creation and development of strategic plans for digital media

  • Planning

  • Digital marketing strategies and activation plans

  • Project Management

  • Digital and web design

  • Training

As a result, Oveja Negra absorbed a digital business unit permanently with an internal team and positioned itself as one of the leaders in boutique services for the advertising industry in Venezuela.

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