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CIPS— Enhancing the virtual experience for its members

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Since 2021, I have been working with the Confederation of Independent Psychoanalytic Societies in maximizing their digital platform. The project has focused on improving the user experience internally and towards its members.

Surfing the 2020 virtualization wave

The Confederation of Independent Psychoanalytic Societies (CIPS) is an organization of psychoanalysts and psychoanalytic societies, founded in 1992 to represent the interests of psychoanalysts belonging to independent component societies of the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA) in the United States.

Before 2020, most of the CIPS community experience happened in the analog space. For many years CIPS maintained the tradition of offering in-person conferences, symposia, and workshops for its members. However, the wave of virtualization that the 2020 lockdowns brought radically changed the scenario, forcing the institution to rethink the function of its digital assets, such as the website, and the efficiency of its electronic communication.

At that time, the digital platform was hampering the organization's communication efforts to virtually serve its more than 600 members. In 2021, CIPS leaders hired me as a strategic creative advisor to bring the institutional brand to the contemporary era's requirements: an efficient, friendly, and responsive digital platform that serves CIPS as a virtual hub for the organization's members.

When the user experience (UX) improves, the community gains a friendlier place to interact. An optimized digital platform reduces friction between technology and the target audience, making it easier to deliver value. Users get easy access to timely information on institutional benefits and feel better served when purchasing processes are easy to follow, making them feel more confident and open to investing, returning, and recommending the brand.

CIPS was especially interested in electronically promoting its unique continuing education program; offering a user-friendly and secure interface for online membership payment; delivering information on how to benefit from its editorial services, and facilitating membership directory management to promote the creation of national and international networks.

Highlighted Services

  1. Institutional Branding

  2. Strategic Advisory for Marketing & Outreach

  3. Web Design, Development, and Maintenance Services

  4. Management of the Digital Marketing Platform

  5. Design and Production of a Digital Biannual Newsletter

  6. Design and Production of Ads and Promotional Campaigns



Design, development, and maintenance of

Virtual Hub provides IPTAR's members with current information about the organization and Continuing Education events.

Institutional Newsletter

NewsBriefs, a biannual newsletter promoting CIPS community life.

Visit NewsBriefs online.

Email Marketing

Digital campaigns promoting CIPS scholarly life

Some of the Email Marketing Campaigns for Videoconferences and NewsBriefs

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