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Maria Fernanda Izaguirre
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IPTAR— Developing a new era for the institutional branding

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Since 2017, I have been working with IPTAR in the development of their institutional branding and their marketing & outreach strategy.

Before and After technological assimilation

In 1958, IPTAR was Founded as a membership society for analysts interested in Freud’s theory and technique. IPTAR continues to be a community committed to the lifelong study of psychoanalysis. The Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research (IPTAR) is a professional association of psychoanalysts formed to promote the advancement of psychoanalysis as a practice and a profession. IPTAR provides clinical services to the community through its consultation center, offers professional training programs in psychoanalysis and child psychotherapy to aspiring professionals, promotes and supports psychoanalytic research in areas critical to professional concerns, and provides scientific and clinical programs for the professional development of its members.

In IPTAR, internal and public communications were managed analogically. In 2017, IPTAR leaders were looking for a strategic advisor capable of bringing the institutional brand to meet the requirements of the contemporary era. They were especially interested in planning a phased transition as technology assimilation was one of the main challenges within the organization. Within the daily operation of the organization, numerous touch points between the brand and its members were generated, so introducing changes required meticulous surgical intervention. Understanding when and how to introduce a paradigm shift was critical to approaching the project. Since 2017, I have worked closely with IPTAR members and senior leaders to promote changes toward virtualizing administrative and communication operational processes.

Highlighted Services

  • Design and Development of Institutional Branding

  • Strategic Advisory for Marketing & Outreach

  • Web Design, Development, and Maintenance services

  • Development of the Digital Marketing Platform

  • Advisory for CRM Implementation

  • Design and Development of a custom HIPAA Compliance App for the Clinical Center

  • Design and Production of Brochures and Educational Programs

  • Design and Production of Ads and Promotional Campaigns



Highlighted services


Design, development, and maintenance of

Virtual Hub provides IPTAR's members with current information about the organization and Continuing Education events.


Design of digital and printed brochures and programs

Adult Program Brochure, How to Apply Brochure, Child and Adolescent Program Brochure, among others.


Design and production of custom merchandising for IPTAR's Clinical Center

Tote bag



Design and development of a custom HIPAA Compliance CRM. Tempus Systems

Timesheet APP for Analysts

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