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Maria Fernanda Izaguirre
Creative Consulting Firm

Womxn Rank— Volunteering design for good

Updated: Aug 4

In 2018, I was selected to participate in Make a Mark, a design and development marathon benefiting local humanitarian causes in the US. I teamed up with three talented designers including Spencer Karges, Emma McDonald and Seri Cha. Together we created a brand identity for Woman Rank.

Making a Better World

Since 2016, and led by its Founder & Director, Sarah Obenauer, Make a Mark is providing resources and foster an environment where community organizations and visual communicators can engage with one another to better our world. Make a Mark pair top skilled makers with non-profits around the US and beyond to unfold and solve, creatively, local and global challenges.

Some of the biggest problems in our communities are solved by nonprofit organizations staffed almost entirely by volunteers. Most nonprofits don't have the resources, time, or know-how to design and develop the assets that will help them gain visibility, maximize resources and build their positioning in competitive scenarios. So, for 12 hours, we bring together the best designers and developers to work on projects for the most impactful organizations in the most creative and purposeful communities around the world. Make a Mark is about creating design equity for organizations that care about the toughest issues in our cities.

The Organization Beneficiary

Womxn Rank was founded in 2017. They are building a platform for women to anonymously report on sexism, assault, rape and harassment. They are starting with an app where women can create a community where they can ask for help, offer support and keep each other informed about safety and inclusion.

The Project

As a new initiative, Womxn Rank was struggling with creating a design narrative that captures the energy and power of their audience. A cohesive brand is what they needed. They would then have an identity to look to when making decisions about layout, content, colors, patterns and visual message. This would be something that they could feel confident in.

Project Scope

  1. Brand Concept and Visual Development

  2. Abbreviated Brand Guideline

  3. Stationary and Social Media Assets

  4. Outdoors Advertising


Brand Assets

Logo, stationary, and social media assets.

In 2018, the project was selected as a finalist to won the Outstanding Nonprofit + Maker Collaboration 2018 Award.

Outdoors Advertising

Billboards, posters, and alternative advertisement for campuses.

Some of the brand assets designed for outdoors advertisement.

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